Safely Providing Quality Services is the guiding principle EMW Industrial
was founded upon and continues to operate under. Through a humble
beginning of single-handedly providing welding and millwright services
since 1971, EMW has grown into a large multi-product and
provider to many sectors including: agriculture, industrial, construction,
oil and gas, and mining.


EMW takes great pride in their ability to tailor their services and capacity to the varied needs of their clients. Their fully integrated approach combined with their product and service offerings ensure they improve efficiency, conserve energy, improve cost control and positively contribute to their clients’ bottom line. The development of EMW’s world class maintenance programs with major clients, speaks volumes to the leadership and innovative abilities of EMW.


EMW’s unique entrepreneurial spirit has helped them grow to be the multi-facetted, product and service provider they are today. They have built long lasting, dependable relationships with many significant companies. EMW is 100% focused on building long-term relationships with each of the clients they work with. From design to fabrication, logistics, installation and maintenance, they are here to see the project through from concept to ongoing maintenance.

EMW helps maximize the performance of customers that share their values
of safety, quality, leadership, integrity, and relationship building.


Safety - EMW believes in taking care of their people in order to strengthen the ability of our company to perform and compete now and in the future.


Quality - With experienced employees using quality equipment and supplies, EMW creates effective solutions and implements preventative maintenance to keep your equipment running.


Leadership - Your company has invested in people, assets and processes that provide you with a competitive advantage. So has EMW. Their expertise can help you maintain and build capacity, and further improve your operational efficiency and long-term profitability.


Integrity - EMW advises clients based on solutions that will max success, not on ‘what they want to hear’. EMW is proud of the success their customers enjoy because they have been honest and committed to serving their needs.


Relationship Building – EMW has strong partnerships and exclusive arrangements with key clients. EMW is your valuable business partner!



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