paint-shopPAINT BOOTH

Project: Shotblasting and Paint Building

Description of Work:

• The building meets the
  increasing demands for quality
  fabricated and painted steel.

• The faclities has a
  40' x 60' steel shot/grit blasting
  room complete with twin hoist
  overhead crane and shot
  reclaim cleaning system. In
  the same building will be a
  40' x 80' painting room
  complete with twin hoist
  overhead crane and paint
  curing system. As well
  there is a small parts paint
  area 20' x 20' with paint
  curing system.

• By having both blasting and
  painting under one roof facilitates
  good quality blasting of the steel
  that will not be exposed to
  moisture before paint is applied.
  In the paint room it has a complete
  application ventilation system. After
  paint has been applied it can be
  heat cured as per paint suppliers
  recomendations to turn out a
  excellent quality product to our

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