Western Canada is North America’s production center of grain. EMW Industrial has been providing quality agricultural repair and maintenance services to the grain processing industry at every step from designing, setting, installing to maintaining equipment for 33 years!

Canada has approximately 120,000 farms that produce grains. Since the 1950’s, production of grain has doubled, with wheat being the topmost produced crop. The industry includes flour mills, corn mills, soybean and feed processing units that handle grain processing and marketing. Saskatchewan alone has a multi-billion dollars food and grain processing industry, having more than 300 processors, dominating the grain and oilseed consumption needs, primarily for North America.

Modern research has enabled the food industry to enrich flour with fiber, while keeping the taste and texture of white flour. Currently, the consumer needs and preferences for improving the taste of taste of whole-grain products have become easy due to new grain processing technology. This value addition makes the healthy whole-grain products tastier.

It has become necessary for the grain processing industry to add value to their products and services. Since 1971, EMW has been working to add value to the industry by providing extensive industrial services and working closely with the industry. The grain-processing industry needs to continuously maintain massive equipment and applications. The expert engineers and sales technicians of EMW work hard to ensure downtime is minimized. A spokesperson for EMW told us, “Being the leader of agricultural repair and maintenance services for 33 years, our crew has been available 24/7 to deliver high quality services in system design, installation and facility construction for the grain processing industry.”

About the Company

EMW Industrial is a multi product and service organization that has managed to provide quality services since 1971. EMW is a Saskatchewan industrial company that proudly provides quality services and products with great dedication to several different industries such as the mining, construction, agriculture, gas and oil sector. They well understand the value and importance of maintenance and care for the equipment that helps keep an industry running. They also offer consultations to help enhance the productivity, reliability and standards of different industries.

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