Fall protection is undoubtedly a very important safety measure for any surrounding. It is the responsibility of every company to implement a good fall protection system and to train employees for the precautions necessary for fall protection. Here is a checklist that every company should follow to stay safe from fall incidents.

Select a Suitable Fall Protection System

Keeping in mind the nature of the company’s work, a suitable fall protection system should be selected. Make sure the company is certified and in compliance with CSA and OH&S legislations. Also check that their engineering design, installation, and fabrication services are appropriate for your company needs.

Frequently Inspect the Components of Fall Protection

Check the components of the fall protection system before use every time. In case of any deficiency in the system, the equipment should be removed from service. It is advisable to hire the services of a company certified to inspect the components of fall protection systems and rectify the deficiency. EMW is a good Saskatchewan industrial company for the installation and inspection services of fall protection systems.

Train the Staff

Ensure that all the staff is familiar with their surroundings. Staff should know how to use the safety harness and safety gears to protect them. Staff should also know the necessary precautionary measures while working over 6 feet or above. It is very important to have presence of mind and alertness.

Avoid Clutter

Keeping the work-site organized and clutter free is a must. Make sure you only have items you actually need for that day’s work, as an organized surrounding reduces the risk of falling to a great extent.

Perform Proof Load Test

Test all equipment against loads to make sure they can carry the heavy weights. It is not only a precautionary measure, but also helps meet the regulations of OH&S and CSA.

Choose a Rescue Procedure

Having taken all the necessary measures to avoid fall, a company should stay prepared for accidents. Devise a rescue plan and follow it in case of an incident. Conduct rescue drills to train the staff to know the hazards and stay prepared for any emergency. Learn to stay calm and not panic.

Taking precautions is always safe thing to do. It saves lives and avoids damage. Spending time and effort in training the staff and investing in implementing a fall protection system is for the good of a company. A reliable Saskatchewan industrial company reputed for its efficient fall protection is EMW.

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